Why You Need Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

If your business is to perform to optimal levels it is extremely important to have the highest-quality equipment and refrigeration units to keep your stock fresh and chilled to the correct temperature. However, if you do not have these fridges, freezers and display units properly maintained and serviced then you may find that the output and functionality of your café, restaurant, hotel or bar may lessen.

For more than 30 years, J&M Refrigeration have not only been at the forefront of commercial refrigeration but they have also prided themselves on the quality of repairs and maintenance they provide for their clients. They offer both reactive and planned refrigeration maintenance contracts.

The contracts that J&M provide are designed to reduce the number of times a business’ units and equipment will break down or fail. They are also used to ensure performance levels remain as high as possible and that equipment used at their premises is as efficient as possible and is therefore financially beneficial to the company too. They also offer this service to ensure that if any units do, unfortunately, break down then there is something in place to resolve and problems as quickly as possible and before a dip in business performance and sales cancome intorealisation.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

By going without frequent, planned commercial refrigeration maintenance you run the risk of allowing your freezers, fridges and cold rooms to perform below the standards they should normally adhere to. This may then result in your stock being held inside units which cannot keep them at their ideal temperature and your products may then spoil a lot earlier than they should. There is always a knock-on effect when your refrigeration units cannot perform as required.

J&M have a wealth of fully-trained, experienced engineers at their disposal. As well as providing routine and reactive refrigeration maintenance they also have a massive selection of high-quality spare refrigeration parts to hand. Occasionally, all that is needed is for a dysfunctional or broken part to be replaced and thanks to the numbers spare parts their engineers keep close by this can be quickly done to reduce the downtime of your refrigeration unit.

A properly arranged, consistent maintenance service for your commercial refrigeration equipmentcan see your business take advantage of a reduction in energy expenses, an enhanced unit lifespan as well askeeping your fridges, freezers, cold rooms and display cases in working order. No matter the location of your firm you can rest assured that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, J&M Refrigeration and their expert engineers will be on hand to solve a variety of issues regarding your equipment. Regardless of if you are in the leisure, food or pharmaceutical industries their planned and reactive commercial refrigeration maintenance services are an excellent provision to have as part of looking after the best interests of your firm.

To find out more information you can get in touch with J&M Refrigeration bygiving them a call on 0121 544 0555 or by emailing admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk. Alternatively, you can go to their contact page and submit their ‘drop us a line’ form.